Choosing a Kitchen Work Surface

Kitchen Work Surface

The kitchen is at the heart of every home. It’s one of the busiest areas of the house, so choosing a kitchen work surface isn’t always the easiest of jobs. Picking your aesthetic is one of the fun parts, but ensuring the material is compatible with your needs is equally just as important.

The purpose of a kitchen work surface is not only to bring style to your space but to compliment your lifestyle. Certain worktop materials can resist heat, water, and any otherwise permanent marks. Before choosing your surface, check out some of our recommended options:


Granite is arguably one of the most popular stones for kitchen work surfaces due to being such a timeless classic. The heavy stone is associated with luxurious elegance as it tends to stay in impeccable condition throughout years of use. It’s incredibly hard-wearing, heat resistant, and easy to clean.
With no two slabs being the same, granite is seen as a personal touch by many. One that cannot be replicated by man, meaning this is usually on the higher end of the price range scale.


Despite being synthetic, quartz still holds the durability of a natural stone. One of the great benefits of introducing quartz into your home is having a hard-wearing kitchen work surface, that has more of a consistent pattern throughout no matter the colour, thickness, or finish.
Quartz is a visually stunning material, creating the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen. Being so quick and easy to clean due to its non-penetrable surface. In addition, the worktops are relatively low-maintenance, allowing you to spend more time doing the stuff that matters.


Corian Solid Surface is such an amazing product for those who are creative or know exactly what they want. They have innovative designs and enduring colour pallets, meaning they can make every element of your dream kitchen work surface come to life.

Corian is a product that has been created to last a lifetime. So, rest easy knowing this is both a stylish worktop that has substance and resilience.


Wooden work surfaces are one of the easiest ways to completely transform your kitchen. For both modern and traditional spaces, wood combines character, homeliness, and warm natural beauty.

Although they do require a little more love and attention than your usual work surface, it’s completely worth it for the great aesthetic that gets better with age.

Sintered Stone

Sintered Stone is one of the toughest kitchen work surfaces on the market. Due to being created from a combination of both natural and man-made stone, they are perfect for a hardworking space. Completely immune to the impacts of temperature, marks, UV, and ice.

If you’re still not sure on which kitchen work surface is the perfect one for your home, get in touch with our Specialists for some design advice.

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Sintered Stone Worktops

Are the toughest worktops on the market, the perfect hardworking material for your kitchen. It is heat, scratch, stain, UV, impact, and even ice resistant, with a huge range of colours.

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