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Complete your kitchen with the tap that does it all. We will only recommend appliances that support your lifestyle needs and complement your kitchen design. Discover Quooker taps for your kitchen.

How a Quooker tap works

A Quooker tap dispenses 100°C boiling, hot and cold water whenever you need it. Let us explain what actually happens above and below the worktop.

How it works

The Quooker system consists of a small tank in the kitchen cupboard that is linked to the boiling water tap on the worktop. The tank acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape.

It therefor takes very little energy (just 10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is flowing out of the tap, fresh water immediately flows into the tank.

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Only boiling water, or hot water too?​

If you only need boiling water, then the PRO3 (3 litres) or PRO7 (7 litres) is sufficient. But if you have a boiler that is more than six metres from your tap, the COMBI tank is a good choice. This produces boiling water (at a true 100°C). but also hot water (40-60°C, enabling you to save water and energy.

The benefits of Quooker Taps

Nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or whistling kettle. But when you list all the advantages of the Quooker, there’s no competition. This is why a Quooker adds so much to your household.

100°C boiling water

100°C boiling water always available. Very useful from early in the morning to just before bedtime. Discover all you can do with a Quooker.

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Filtered chilled and sparkling water

Equipped with a CUBE the Quooker tap provides filtered chilled and sparkling water alongside 100°C boiling, cold and hot water. All from one tap.

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Climate change is upon us and is showing no immediate signs of slowing down. Although it might feel like luxury to have filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap, a Quooker is a sustainable purchase.

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Your water tastes better

Enjoy the best and most delicious drinking water all day, every day. How is that possible? 

Two reasons: an active carbon filter in the reservoir purifies the water. Water that flows through this active carbon filter leaves all impurities behind in the filter. Any chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other forms of contamination that can negatively impact the taste are removed from the water.

Added to that, the water is ‘boiled through’ because it is stored in the tank at a temperature of 110ºC. Most people will taste the difference straight away.

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Quooker Flex Tap

Key Features –

  • Boiling Water tap
  • Hot & cold mixer tap
  • Chilled filtered water tap
  • Chilled filtered sparkling water tap
  • A red light ring which comes on when boiling water being dispensed
  • A Blue light ring which comes on when chilled water being dispensed
  • Available in polished chrome, stainless steel & black

Quooker Fusion Taps

Key Features –
  • Boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one
  • childproof double-push-and-turn handle with light ring
  • Round or straight spout
  • Available in: polished chrome, stainless steel, black, gold, patinated brass
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Smart Kitchen Appliances

Why smart kitchen appliances?

It’s easy to think that kitchens are fully evolved, but with the onset of the Internet of Things, our world is becoming increasingly smarter by the minute. Whether it is checking the fridge from the shop, or sending a recipe straight to your oven, Siemens Smart Home Appliances with Home Connect let your world grow – from the everyday to the not so everyday.

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Send recipes to your oven.

With Home Connect and the right partner, you can now transfer your favourite recipe directly to your oven. Simply choose from a wide range of inspiring recipes and the appliance will adapt its settings accordingly.

Siemens home appliances, where technology meets design and innovation

Redefine your daily life: With Siemens and Home Connect.

Now this technology has evolved into something bigger; an ever-growing network of partner services including Amazon Alexa and IFFT, so you can create a fully connected home. Discover a life full of possibilities.

Stylish appliances for great tastes.

Experience the fascination of cooking and baking with innovative appliances from Siemens. They’re full of creativity that make life easier, and cooking and baking a pure pleasure.


Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us. This is the basic principle behind everything we do at NEFF. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Our innovative products help you to prepare mouthwatering food – whether it’s a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can’t get enough of – a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish.

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Our best ingredient is customer service.

Here at NEFF, we understand that although our kitchens and appliances are designed to cope with even the most obsessive cooks out there, sometimes you need to turn to us for help.

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Sintered Stone Worktops

Are the toughest worktops on the market, the perfect hardworking material for your kitchen. It is heat, scratch, stain, UV, impact, and even ice resistant, with a huge range of colours.

Colour Samples

Select from our 25 contemporary colour shades or utilise our any colour service.

Please note, all colours shown on this web site are a guide only and can vary from the actual shade. We highly recommend a paint swatch sample is viewed before placing an order.