Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Deciding on the right appliances for your kitchen is so important as there is an abundance of options and considerations to choose from. Your perfect kitchen appliance should complement the functionality for your lifestyle as well as integrate with your kitchen design overall. 

Appliances can range from stand-alone to hidden with coordinated cabinet fronts. They can focus on energy efficiency to optimal cooking conditions and can complement your design theme too. Much like kitchen design, appliances need to complement both your lifestyle and design needs. That’s why there’s so many to choose from!

To help you with your decision making, we’ve outlined some top tips to help you feel confident when choosing the right appliances to match your kitchen.

Start with a Plan

To help establish what appliances you need and what functionality or design elements you require, it is best to start with a plan. 

Write down what you need from your kitchen function-wise, such as a gas hob for quick cooking or double ovens for large families or keen home cooks. Then, write down what your goals are such as design wants, a luxury stainless steel finish? Or even a dedicated wine fridge? Here you can build a picture of your appliance-purchasing strategy.

Kitchen Layout

Whether you’re working with a new kitchen layout or you simply wish to update your appliances, the layout of your kitchen will surprisingly determine a lot about the appliances you purchase. For example, consider the traffic flow through your kitchen, as well as any structural constraints such as sloped ceilings. 

Your kitchen should accommodate your busy day to day use. So, the layout could either enhance or limit your appliance options. So, be aware you may have to make some compromises. However, our design experts are masters at tailoring and creating perfect kitchen spaces. We can also incorporate and recommend appliances that could work perfectly with your kitchen layout. 


To help narrow your appliance decisions, you should also consider how appliances can support your daily routines to how you entertain. Write down how you use your kitchen currently, then compare it to how you would like to use your kitchen. For example, do you want a more innovative hob? Or an on-demand hot tap to avoid waiting for the kettle to boil? 

These key functionality needs will make it easier for you to match what you’re looking for in new appliances. We also recommend visiting showrooms to see product demonstrations. You can get a feel of the functionality of the appliance, are the buttons easy to use? Is this fridge large enough for our needs? It beats second-guessing from images online!


Once you have an idea of what your kitchen layout can accommodate and what functionality you require, you can begin to explore the finishes that complement your kitchen design. A popular option is integrated appliances which can save on space and complement a sleek finish. 

There are also benefits to certain finishes such as stainless steel which is easy to clean and durable. You could also use appliances to provide a pop of colour within your kitchen. 

Book a Book Your Design Appointment

If you would like some more advice, we can help you discover a wide range of innovative appliances that can make your kitchen perfect, get in touch. You can also visit our showroom to see appliances from brands such as Quooker, Bora, Neff, AEG and more. You can be sure to find something to suit your needs and budget.

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