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Sennen Handleless

Interested in a modern kitchen whilst retaining the ability to create bespoke features?

Sennen is an ultra modern kitchen utilising the increasingly popular ‘J Pull’ handleless design of door.

Sennen fascia’s are manufactured from 22mm moisture resistant MDF with the J pull routered into the panel. The panel is then factory primed & painted using an acid catalyst paint to create a smooth finish.

All fascia’s, trims, decor panels and cabinets are available bespoke to any size or design requested.

Sennen’s fascias, trims and decor panels can be painted any colour.

Why not try mixing two or three colours for that ultimate wow effect.

Special Colour

Incorporated J handle design furniture takes centre stage against a backdrop of deep purple walls

Stone Grey

Stone Grey fascia's combined with elegant white Corian worktops produce a striking contrast.